We’re here to help navigate complex issues, including Critical Race Theory and related ideas, not to pick sides. Our goal is to advance critical thinking in K-12 and higher education.

What do we mean by critical thinking?

While the term has come to mean different things, Critical Thinking is a shorthand term we use for the suite of skills that include being able to: challenge ideas (even those that may be cherished), make clear the assumptions that underpin our theories, evaluate bias and reliability in public-facing research and sources, interpret basic data, and think through the complicated relationship between facts and opinions.

This suite of skills is especially important when it comes to sensitive and controversial issues. We believe that no ideas are immune from scrutiny and debate, and that worldviews, interpretations, assumptions, and perspectives should be identified—and challenged—as such whenever possible. Critical thinking is an essential skill that enables us to fully understand the nature and scope of social problems, and to develop, test, and refine effective solutions that will improve communities at the local, state, national, and global levels. 

We Can Help


Our workshops are designed for wide range of audiences: college instructors, university students, public and private K-12 teachers, and the general public. These workshops focus on improving critical thinking skills and intellectual humility. Participants will learn specific strategies for discussing sensitive and controversial topics.

Learning to have better, more open, conversations around issues that touch race, identity, fairness, equality/equity, and other sensitive topics, is a skill with widespread relevance. This is one of the specific ways The Mill Center can help.


We work with instructors at schools and other institutions on ways to create a climate that fosters critical thinking.


We work with educators, from K-12 to university level, to adapt our curricula to meet their needs.

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What They Say About Our Approach

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“This course has been an outstanding exploration of the dichotomy between bigots and snowflakes and between extremes of the political spectrum as well as, and possibly more importantly, the middle and the grey areas. My biggest takeaways…are the importance of humility and admitting when you do not know something, the importance of diversity of opinions and ideas (especially when those ideas are contrary to mainstream thought), and a reinforced understanding that nothing is quite as black and white as it is often made out to be.”

“Upon taking this class, I can say I learned how to have more productive arguments on political topics. I was the person who could simply not talk politics with someone of the opposing side without accusing them in my head of being racist. I loved the way this class challenged me to think in a different perspective than what I was used to.”

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